Making an entrance at Bosch UK head office

When you walk into a business you may be greeted with a smile, asked to sign-in or offered coffee. The most forward thinking are turning reception areas into much more. Branded interior spaces create a ‘wow’ factor, engaging clients, staff and guests. A well-considered reception area is an opportunity to promote your latest brand campaign, product or brand heritage story.

When you walk into Robert Bosch UK headquarters in Denham, you’ll see their latest, greatest innovations on display in reception. Every six to eight weeks, briefed by the senior team at Robert Bosch, we design, build and install the latest display. These eye-catching installations showcase new products or initiatives to excite and inform staff and visitors.

Our first installation was a showcase of the new Bosch PMF multifunction power tool range. Following this, a striking installation promoting Bosch Mobility Solutions automated driving technology and driver assistance systems, highlighting Bosch’s leading role in MOVE-UK, an initiative to position the UK as a world leader in automated and self-driving cars.

Whether it’s your reception, an event or shop floor, we can help create and deliver a first impression that counts.

If you are looking to create the right impression, contact Stephen Judge on 01525 841079 or email [email protected]

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