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Our Facebook video campaign for the Bosch i-Dos washing machine leveraged all our in-house expertise from initial conceptualising to scriptwriting, storyboarding, production planning, CGI, video editing and animation.

The brief was to continue the wider Bosch i-DOS campaign on social media and use it to educate people on the benefits of the technology. This meant keeping things simple. We hit upon the analogy of using a car, which uses only the fuel it needs for each journey, much like i-DOS does with detergent. You fill it up and use it until it runs out, rather than topping it up every time you do a wash.

The final video had fantastic engagement and reach, viewed by 1.8 million people, with an engagement rate of 18%, but that wasn’t the end of it. People who watched the video were carefully retargeted with i-DOS online advertising, also created by the Bonfire team. By targeting an already engaged audience we were able to deliver a campaign with greater impact and effectiveness. The video content and concept also extended to POS and featured in major retailers nationwide, delivering even more recall at point of purchase.

And to top it all, Bosch loved the campaign so much they named it Best European BSH Social Media Campaign 2016 in their internal awards.

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