On the trail of Charlie Wells Beer and Booty

Charlie Wells Beer Trail

We’ve embarked on a new adventure with our client Charles Wells to launch a tasty new summer promotion for Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager and Triple Hopped IPA.

“The Adventures of Charlie Wells and the Bedford Beer Trail” draws on the tales of Charlie Wells, a character with a colourful past, as full and abundant as the beard on his chin. His life on the high seas inspired him to start on a beer-brewing voyage in his hometown of Bedford and The Bedford Beer Trail follows in his footsteps. The promotion offers local land-lovers the opportunity to enjoy a pint in nine separate pubs in the area and collect stamps to claim free Charlie Wells branded merchandise. We’ve created an illustrated, retainable map of the beer trail, plus in pub props to help people share their progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at /CharliesBeerLog.


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