We’ve Been Nominated for The Drum RAR Awards 2017!

Thanks to the recommendations we have received from our clients for our work over the past year, we’ve been shortlisted in the Direct Marketing category of this year’s RAR Awards.

RAR is The Drum’s Recommended Agency Register, a service to help brands to choose agencies, based on ratings. Each year RAR downloads the ratings from the database to identify which agencies are the highest-rated by clients, and recognises those agencies via the RAR Awards. These awards are one of a kind in the industry – there are no entries to submit, no papers to write – winning can only be achieved through the high regard of clients.

Clearly there is no better accolade than that of a satisfied customer so we extend a big thanks to all our clients that have rated us this year, and look forward to the awards night at the end of April when we’ll find out if we’ve done enough to take the big prize.

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