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Business to business customers are no different to any other. Regular people looking to build personal and effective relationships with the companies they buy from. So, when dynamic, fast-growing and diverse procurement consultancy, 4C Associates, approached us to review and develop its brand positioning, we tackled the brief in the same way that we would a consumer brand.

We executed a thorough audit of 4C’s marketing messages and positioning, and surveyed customers and staff for their views on the current offering and brand. The outcome was clear: a new brand identity was required along with the new brand positioning. With a vision to become the world’s number one specialist procurement provider through a personal approach and progressive attitude, we created a brand identity, proposition and messaging matrix that would clearly distinguish 4C from its corporate competitors, be more reflective of its human values, and its collaborative and tailored offering.

With the logo being the most visible element of 4C’s identity, we wanted it to exude a welcoming and friendly tone, so we’ve used a warm colour scheme, including colour breaks that also represented the four key sectors of the business; insights, business transformation, cost reduction and service delivery. A contemporary mix of soft curves and rounded edges presents 4C as a modern and forward-thinking brand, and creates a standout identity, challenging the traditional approach used within corporate industries. We’ve devised a marketing strategy to launch the brand to market and continue to help 4C achieve its ambitions in the longer term.

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