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The Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce is well regarded, with the aim of helping businesses save money, network and trade in the UK and overseas, but these and other advantages were getting lost in communication. Many members lacked engagement with the services provided and perceptions needed to change.

The Chamber’s driving objective is to empower businesses to grow and connect and it needed to be seen in a new light, as a facilitator, the ‘can do’ organisation that helps businesses achieve more.

We delved into the findings of an extensive 2015 members’ survey. This highlighted some good core strengths (trustworthy, professional) amongst other more outdated misconceptions.

From our analysis of the research we developed a brand key, which helped create a roadmap for a future creative messaging strategy. We defined a new brand essence, ‘working together, achieving more’, to make the message clear: working with and alongside this powerful peer network empowers business growth.

Bite-sized facts and stats, vibrant graphics and clear, simple messaging will provide much needed cut-through in a very competitive sector, flooded with overcomplicated information, messages and materials. The strategy, along with its refreshed messaging and graphical styling, is now being rolled out through a new advertising campaign, a mobile friendly website and brochure. Its early days yet but initial feedback is that enquiries are significantly up, along with conversions rates showing people and businesses get it.

Since the project launched, results have been extremely positive and exceeded the Chamber’s expectations. Marketing activity has driven increased interaction with the Chamber from members and prospects, with a significant rise in website visitors, also spending longer on the site and visiting more pages than previously. Statistics include:

Website users up by 37% post project implementation Website sessions up by 30% post project implementation Website page views up by 32% post project implementation

This is translating into business results with prospect enquiries up 108%, and conversions to membership at 100% (up from 80%) among incoming enquiries.

Like salt and pepper, like fish and chips, local business works better with Bedfordshire Chamber.

If you’d like to discuss a brand challenge contact Stephen Judge on 01525 841079 or email [email protected].

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