Bosch C4 Sunday Brunch TV idents

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TV, digital and social to support the 12-month sponsorship by Bosch of Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.


71%* of TV viewers agreed the Sunday Brunch idents made them more curious about Bosch. 

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A Channel 4 study showed that 85% of Sunday Brunch TV viewers recognised the Bosch brand.

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Bosch Home UK was successful in a competitive pitch to become the brand sponsor of Channel 4’s magazine programme, Sunday Brunch. 

On air every Sunday from 9.30am to 12.30pm, the programme is hosted by Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy and focuses on food and drink, TV, film, music and technology with the presenters joined by guests and celebrities. Its relaxed and eclectic format has proved a hit with viewers as the programme regularly achieves audiences of up to 600,000. The challenge for Bonfire was how to maximise the 12-month, sponsorship deal when it commenced in September 2014.

We developed a series of idents – short films of 15, 10 and 5 second durations – that would play at the beginning and end of the programme, as well as at the beginning and end of the nine ad breaks during transmission. 

In the idents, we brought Bosch’s small and large appliances to life by giving each appliance a distinctive character and voice. The sponsorship including product placement of Bosch appliances too, the creative therefore used same appliances but positioned in Karl, the Bosch Engineer’s kitchen mirroring their position on the actual Sunday Brunch set. This strengthened the product placement activity and the script for the idents also subtly reinforced each appliance’s product benefits whilst keeping within the strict sponsorship guidelines for broadcast media.

As well as the idents, we extended the association with Sunday Brunch by developing a landing page on the Bosch Home UK website and also carried out social media activity to promote Bosch’s association with the programme. 

The activity matched the Sunday Brunch format and helped give the Bosch brand more personality and humour to a new audience. Focus group research has confirmed that the idents were not only memorable but also communicated with subtle humour, the key product benefits in a way that strongly resonated with the programme’s core audience. A mid-way effectiveness study conducted by Channel 4 has identified that 85% of those who watch Sunday Brunch regularly recognise the Bosch brand activity.

57 Bosch C4 Sunday Brunch Idents Body 2520X1234 3


82%* of viewers agreed the idents were of high quality.

*Benchmark 74%

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