A #JustRight campaign for Bosch i-DOS washing machines

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A stand out national campaign to create awareness of its new Bosch i-DOS automatic dosing washing machines.

Bosch added a new automatic dosing washing machine model, called the i-DOS, to its Serie 8 and Serie 6 ranges.  

Bonfire were briefed to build on a previous campaign which had educated customers on the automatic dosing functionality and the convenience it offers. The campaign creative needed to capture the attention of the public and clearly communicate the key benefits of the machine - perfect washing results, every time, whatever kind of laundry load you have.

A social media campaign was devised leading with a Facebook video designed to stop and intrigue an audience within their newsfeed. 

The video’s first frame opened with an astronaut travelling on the London Underground carrying a basket of laundry. He was soon joined by a ballerina, jockey, Yeoman, rugby player and even a snorkeler. They all made their way to a pop-up i-DOS laundry in Piccadilly Circus to do their washing. The video generated 1.2m views with an average view through rate of 42%.

Following the video creation, the pop-up laundry became a 3D advertising space in one of London’s busiest undergrounds for three weeks during the campaign, the first time this space in Piccadilly Station had been used for advertising purposes.  We also used the opportunity to promote a prize draw competition to win an i-DOS washing machine.

In-store point of sale for retail outlets nationwide replicated the creative messaging and included a giant detergent filled question mark to draw attention to the product.

The campaign was part of Bosch HQ’s wider advertising campaign which included a 20” TV ad for which we also managed the TV admin and Clearcast approvals.

We created theatre in the live environment as well as on social channels and surpassed all the clients’ expectations, driving awareness, engagement and talkability. 

The total campaign achieved a reach of 1.7million people, while the the social video generated 1.2million views and achieved an average view through rate of 42%.  Ad recall improved from 6.86% in 2016 to 8.95% in 2017 against a similar campaign and digital banners drove over 10K people to a specially designed i-DOS landing page; most arrival rates exceeded the benchmarks with an average of 0.16%, 60% over the average benchmark of 0.10%

During the campaign Bosch had the highest share of users searching for washing machines, at 33%, compared to competitors and this campaign was used to help leverage Bosch’s number one status for volume sales in Europe.  Bosch Home Appliances is the number one brand for major domestic appliances in Europe* (*Source: Euromonitor, volume sales, May to September 2016.)

 The Piccadilly activation also attracted interest in the marketing and advertising industry trade magazines including Campaign, The Drum and Event magazine.

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A live activation such as this kicked off our broader advertising campaign with some personality, while also triggering emotive cues among commuters passing by through the station. We were delighted with the public’s reaction to this activity and the washing machines, both at the station and on social media.

Group Marketing Manager, Bosch
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