Bush rebrand and repositioning

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Bush brand development, brand and packaging guidelines, catalogue and online positioning for Argos.


Contemporary, dynamic brand reposition transformed consumer perceptions of the Bush brand and increased sales by 50%.

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Bush was not an aspirational brand in the consumer electronics and home technologies market. The staid nature of the brand was reflected in static sales performance.

Consumers would generally appear to prefer to pay extra to purchase a more reputable brand, such as Sony, Samsung or LG. Inconsistent brand communication across and within product categories did not create much of a sense of desirability amongst potential consumers. It also meant that consumers were largely unaware that the product quality was equal to, or better than, higher priced competitors. It reinforced the perception of the brand as a ‘poor man’s Sony’.

Bonfire’s approach was to create a more unified and cohesive identity across the Bush product portfolio.

The new identity reassured potential purchasers that they were making the smart choice; getting everything they wanted from the technology without having to pay a premium for it.

By creating an identity with a more contemporary, dynamic and desirable feel that was implemented across packaging, the Argos catalogue and a branded online Bush store, we changed consumer perceptions of the brand away from the value/budget end of the market to deliver a more appropriate and balanced mid-market positioning. This identity is now applied consistently across the globe on packaging, advertising and online irrespective of language differences.

The Bush brand has been able to realise its true potential. On the first day of trading with the new brand identity in July 2011, the incremental sales achieved by Bush products at Argos more than paid for the company’s investment in design.

Sales were up 30% YOY in launch week and have averaged between 20-25% up YOY on all subsequent weeks. On standard TVs alone average weekly sales are up by 300%. In the six-month trade period of catalogue 76 (in which the Bush brand was relaunched) the brand’s sales have increase by 50% from a static previous catalogues 74/75.

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On the first day of trading this project more than paid for itself – outstanding.

Brand Manager, Argos
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50% increase in turnover within 6 months of rebrand.

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Weekly sales on TVs up 300% after rebrand.

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