Creation of Eagle Brewery identity and branding

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Marston’s PLC briefed Bonfire to develop an identity and branding for its newly acquired Eagle Brewery.

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Marston’s approached Bonfire to create a bold new identity and branding, for the newly named brewery, that was fitting of an organisation with an enviable heritage as a master brewer and a long-standing relationship with the town of Bedford.

Home of many famous beers such as Bombardier and Eagle, plus others bearing the Wells family name, the new brewery identity and branding needed to retain its associations, while reflecting a more modern contemporary style to help it remain relevant in years to come. The branding also needed to translate across multiple touchpoints including signage and uniforms to lorry liveries, bottle lables and point of sale material.

The eagle has been associated with the town of Bedford for centuries and we looked at how it is used in Bedford and beyond, both historically and now, to help us on the journey to create and evolve the brand image and story.

The Eagle Brewery’s new brand identity draws on this with a bold, contemporary rework of its existing eagle and, unlike the way the bird is typically represented in heraldry, the Bedford eagle, and therefore the brewery’s eagle, looks left, to embrace its unique point of view, and position the brand as progressive and forward thinking.

Working closely with the Marston’s team Bonfire developed the brand story, visual identity and brand guidelines for The Eagle Brewery and how it is applied across its product range.

The new branding was unveiled at a grand opening ceremony, for which we produced invitations, a supporting local press campaign and social media activity. The new branding was rolled-out across all on-site exterior signage and interiors, brands, digital assets and truck livery, while the the launch of the new Eagle Brewery branding was widely reported in local media and marketing industry trade press.

The branding has been so well received both on- and off-trade it is now being adapted for use on the Eagle IPA brand and implemented across Eagle IPA pump clips, bottles, promotional packaging, merchandise and POS, as well as sparking a wave of NPD.

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The Eagle Brewery brand will be the flagship of Marston’s new venture in Bedford.  We wanted a new visual identity that was representative of our innovative and future-facing approach to brewing but that also remained true to the brewery’s enviable heritage as a master brewer and its long-standing relationship with the town of Bedford and wider area. Bonfire have captured all these elements with the bold, striking new eagle logo.

Marketing Manager , Marston's
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