Survival International awareness campaign

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Global ‘change your mind’ brand awareness campaign for Survival International.

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In a crowded marketplace and at a time of economic downturn that naturally affects income streams for charities, Survival International has the additional challenge of making itself and its cause relevant to a wider UK audience.

It is the only organisation working for tribal peoples’ rights worldwide, deriving almost all of its entire funding from members of the public and foundations. It chooses not to accept money from national governments that are seen as the main violator of tribal peoples’ rights.

The brief for the advertising campaign – which was initially scheduled to appear solely on the London Underground – was to tell a story that people would notice, reflect on and be able to discover something about themselves and how they view these key issues.

An in-depth analysis of the charity and its work led us to create a concept based around the fact that small – perhaps some might consider irrelevant – changes have a dramatic and negative effective on indigenous tribal people. 

In partnership with a leading copywriter we developed a story that would make the audience feel as if they were a tribal person, and would engage them with sound bites of information and draw them into the story, to find out something new every time they viewed the advert.

The advertising campaign was so successful that it was not only placed in UK consumer magazines and publications such as Condé Nast Traveller, Tatler, Wired and National Geographic, but it was also enthusiastically received and rolled-out globally by the Survival International offices in Spain, Italy, Germany and Brazil. 

The intelligent, thought-provoking creative ensured that Survival International punched above its weight in the noisy press and glossy magazine media environment.

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The Survival International advertising campaign was so successful in the UK it was rolled out globally.

The ‘Change Your Mind’ campaign created by Bonfire was thought-provoking, intelligent, engaging and a real head turner. The idea was right, the design was right and the message was right. It was a brilliant amalgamation of creativity and strategy that was totally on brand.

Head of Marketing, Survival International
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